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Spark’s Open Studio & Free Workshop


On Saturday, February 6, 2016 Spark will have another of its bimonthly Open Studios. The time will be noon till 3:00 pm and is open to folks of all ages. Activities will include:

  • Demonstrations by Spark artists.
  • Free workshop for children and adults focused on Tom Schluep’s technique of making decorative bowls utilizing recycled paper and paper mache.
  • A variety of sweet treats and hot beverages.
  • And who knows what else?

The event is being sponsored, in part, by Buck’s Tire Services of Greenfield.

Buck's Tire Repair banner

tom's bowl c
Example of Tom Schluep’s designs using recycled magazine pages, newspaper & such.

Cookies & Canvas Was Sweet

The children’s Cookies & Canvas event hosted by Spark and Y-Gradale was a huge success. Taught by Eric Salyers and assisted by various Spark members and Y-Gradale moms the room beamed from smiles of budding young creators. Most frequent comment from children and parents was, “When’s the next event?”

To answer the question as simply as possible, “SOON!” Just keep a watch on our Events schedule in the left column of this site and the featured stories at the top of the Home Page.

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Introducing The Jack Brasses

Somewhere in the mission statement of Spark resides the goal of bringing people with common artistic interests together. Such has been the case with a musical group now doing gigs in the community, The Jack Brasses. Members include David Weaks on saxophone, Eric Salyers fingering the French horn, Aidan Salyers just looking cool, Nathan Salyers cranking the trombone, and Jeff Hadley playing the manly tuba.

If you’re interested in booking The Jack Brasses send Spark an email or simply call 937 763 Art1.

The Jack Brasses

The Simple Thumb Piano

Larry Chapman
Spark artist, Larry Chapman

While there is debate as to what man’s first musical instrument was, one of the oldest is the thumb piano, also known as the kalimba. It comes in many variations and made from a great variety of materials. Spark artist Larry Chapman has been building folk or roots instruments for several years now and recently turned his attention to the kalimba. The most recent was made from one small cigar box, three pieces of dowel rod, two screws, and seven used popsicle sticks. Larry plans to build a variety of these instruments which will be on sale at Spark’s studio. Prices based on quality of components and time required. Spark will receive 50% of the sale price. See individual photos for price.

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Sparks Fly at Spark

During the day’s Open Studio the sparks literally flew as several members continued work on converting an old cast iron piano harp into a glass covered coffee table. Other activities going on during the day included several people working on paintings, some wood carving, a 1-string diddley bow and an African thumb piano were completed, great coffee consumed, and one of the best cakes ever totally devoured.

Spark piano coffee table
David Weeks & Aiden Salyers lighting up the room!


Piano & Organ Gifted

Spark Creative Artspace is now the proud owner of a very nice spinet piano and a Hammond organ. The piano was gifted by Dan and Ellen Raike and the organ by Eric and Ellie Zint.

The generosity of these good people will permit Spark to begin offering piano and organ lessons. Susan Long will be the instructor and she is currently working on a schedule. Check here for further information.

We are also working on lining up an instructor to teach guitar lessons.

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Calligraphy Workshop by Lindsey Buck

Spark Creative Artspace, located at 251 Jefferson St., Greenfield, will be hosting an Art of Calligraphy workshop on Saturday, October 25, 2014 from 10:00 am until Noon.

calligraphy 2The class will be taught by Spark artist Lindsey Buck, the artist and calligrapher behind The Hive Studio, where she creates custom artwork and offers a variety of calligraphy and travel-related prints and whimsies on her Etsy shop.

Lindsey recently returned to Ohio from Philadelphia, where she worked for Anthropologie, doing various calligraphy, illustration and design projects.

She is self-taught and has almost four years of experience with scribing in calligraphy. It is a beautiful art and has grown into a passion she can’t wait to share.

The workshop will focus on the basics – how to correctly hold the pen, the anatomy of a ‘nib’, dipping your pen into ink and developing your own calligraphy style by referring to the alphabet.

You will take home your kit so you can continue to practice on your own. The kit includes 1 pen nib; 1 nib holder; ink and ink well; tracing paper; grid paper; calligraphy paper and envelopes.

Workshop cost is $40 and will include a calligraphy kit. Food and beverages will be served! Enrollment is limited to twelve students on a first come first serve basis. Registration tickets may be purchased online with major credit cards at Spark’s Eventbrite page. Click on the following button and place your order.

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