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Spark’s “Pat” of Very Pink Flamingos

Each year since our inception Spark has had a creative entry in the annual Greene Countrie Towne Festival parade. The first was a Do Da entry composed of all kinds of characters created by young children. Last year was a large Chinese dragon winding its way through the crowd and this year, a pat of ten over the top pink flamingos. The costumes were mostly the creation of Stacy Downey with assistance from Elaine Williams and others.

Spark’s Flamingo Pat on Parade

Spark’s Flamingo Pat

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Piano & Organ Gifted

Spark Creative Artspace is now the proud owner of a very nice spinet piano and a Hammond organ. The piano was gifted by Dan and Ellen Raike and the organ by Eric and Ellie Zint.

The generosity of these good people will permit Spark to begin offering piano and organ lessons. Susan Long will be the instructor and she is currently working on a schedule. Check here for further information.

We are also working on lining up an instructor to teach guitar lessons.

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Follow up on silo-cow lighting

On Wednesday, May 7, 2014 a very impromptu Art as Light show took place at Springhill Organic Dairy outside New Petersburg, Ohio. The artist who collaborated with Spark on this occasion were Katy Tompkins and Zachary Gillerlain who together are known as, The Happy Couple Duo. They are currently touring the country putting on lighting demonstrations and trying to earn enough with their Kickstarter project to set up shop in Colorado.

At Springhill they set up atop a huge  mound of sawdust and placed their equipment around the barn’s silo. As dusk turned to dark a crowd of around 70 art fans witnessed the silo take on an unworldly aura. I kept reflecting back on scenes atop Devil’s Tower in the movie Close Encounters of a Third Kind as the alien ship sat down.  I haven’t a clue what others saw but the common element was the ooohs and aaahs people uttered as the lighting effects changed. As the evening evolved the effects became more colorful and dynamic. I kept thinking what a nice touch it would have been it the ever-changing colors coincided with the music of John Williams’ composition from Close Encounters.  Both Katy and Zach are accomplished musicians so I can see that happening in the future.

Spark wants to thank all who attended on such short notice and a special thanks to the Amish neighbors who so generously provided hot coffee and wonderful homemade glazed yeast donuts warm and fresh from the fryer.

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Roots #1 Report

SPARK-logo 200x202Spark Creative Artspace’s second major activity, Roots in the Field, is in the history books and has to be counted as a great success. Friday, April 25, 2014, began with lots of rain but by late afternoon the clouds had blown away and sunshine filled the skies. The Friday Night Fish Fry kicked off at 5:00 pm and Bill “The Fish Man” Mann was still dropping ocean perch into hot oil three hours later.

Right on time at 7:00 pm the Gypsy Jug Band planted roots and the music began. An hour later it was Spark’s Jay Wile’s turn. Armed with acoustic guitar, harmonica, and a pair of foot-operated drums, Jay donned his One Damn Man persona and performed a number of his own musical creations. The Gypsy Jug Band returned afterwards to finish out the evening.

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Rootin’ for Roots in the Field

SPARK-logo 200x202Thanks to Pepsi Cola and Desha LLC Spark’s Roots in the Field event is now being boldly advertised in the middle of Greenfield. Don’t forget to mark your calendar and tell all your friends. The Friday Night Fish Fry will be from 5 till 7 pm so come take a bag of sandwiches and sides home for supper that evening. From 7 till 10:30 pm Jay Wile’s One Damn Man and The Gypsy Jug Band will be playing roots music inside the VFW Ranch and between bands Willie Cross will be auctioning off a ton of excellent donated gifts to help raise rent money for Spark’s new permanent location. Going to be a great evening so bring your own cooler and join it. Admission to Roots in the Field is $10 at the door.


Donors to Spark’s Fundraiser Auction

SPARK-logo 200x202The following have generously donated auction prizes to SPARK Creative Artspace for the upcoming Roots in the Field music festival:

  • Subway in Greenfield – yard long party sub sandwich
  • Greene’s Auto Repair – free oil change
  • Buck’s Tire Service – free oil change
  • Sherry Jackson Parker – Thirty-One tote full of art supplies
  • Advanced Auto Parts – battery charger
  • Gail Allen – homemade lamp
  • Tim Jackmann – electric keyboard
  • Doug Karnes – new desk lamp
  • Jay Wile – electric guitar
  • Jennifer Wenker – pastel art print
  • Larry Chapman – 2 cigar box guitars & one acoustic guitar with hardshell case
  • Stewart’s Pharmacy – blood pressure meter
  • Yellow Rose Bed & Breakfast – $50 discount on a night’s stay
  • Linda Terwilliger Fugate – 4 decorative handmade garden bricks
  • Three Spoons Diner – two $25 gift certificates
  • Elaine Hays – hand-crafted jewelry
  • Avery Applegate – handmade bracelet artfully made from repurposed typewriter keys
  • Christina Ross – Tastefully Simple gift basket
  • Jennie Wenker – basket handwoven by Carol Morehead
  • Tim Ross – gift basket
  • Hardy Memorials – 25 watt Ibanez guitar amplifier, Danelectro portable mini-amp,  and Danelectro distortion effects pedal
  • Joe’s Party Shop – gift certificate
  • Big City Pizza – Large 1-topping pizza
  • WW Dry Cleaners – gift certificate
  • Jett’s Embroidery – tee-shirts & McClain Tiger ball cap
  • Village Florist – gift certificate
  • Corner HealthMart Pharmacy – first aid kits
  • Mike Chapman – hand thrown stoneware vase
  • Sitterle Insurance Agency – lawn decorations & pottery piece
  • Midway Mini Mart – 12 packs of Pepsi products
  • Michele Beatty-Prader – Certificate for one of her absolutely excellent pans of homemade lasagna. (I can testify to how special this is)
  • Chillicothe Paints – tickets to game and Paints ball caps
  • BaJa Newkirk – handmade jewelry
  • Shopko – $25 gift certificate, digital bath scales
  • Neal Brewer’s Florist Shop – jewelry
  • Dane & Connie Clyburn – Knee board for surfing

Hopefully the list will continue to grow. Email Spark or call 937 763-ART1 if you have anything you’d like to donate. Auction services for the event will be provided by James W. Cross Auctioneering.