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Roots in the Field #3 was GREAT!

Spark’s third iteration of Roots in the Field Music Fest is in the books and it was better than ever. The weather was near perfect with afternoon temps in the upper 70s and an almost cloud free blue sky.

Roots 2016 (10)
Italian sausage by Three Spoons Diner.

The crowd was a nice size and we drew music lovers from at least as far away as Columbus. Doug Gall of Three Spoons Diner served up some great food including prime rib sandwiches, mild Italian sausages, baked potato salad, and macaroni salad. The crew from Sawyer Man’s Fans was on hand again to run the beverage venue and while a goodly amount of brewed beverages were sold there was not the trace of any bad behavior. A well-behaved bunch of music lovers enjoying the weather, the vibes, and their friends.

For the first time we expanded the music lineup to five bands and all from this area. Opening the event was Cactus followed by Morgan, Hadden & Moon. The from Chillicothe Johnny the Fox Band took the stage for some great guitar work. Next to last was a wonderful set by Jay and Angie Wile, otherwise known as The Two Damns. And the headliner of the day was a bunch of musicians who’ve been playing together for years but recently changed their name from Rockin’ Country to  Taking Back Summer.

The music lineup was made possible by a group of generous sponsors including Visitors Bureau of Highland County, Merchants National Bank, Greenfield Products, Edgewood Manor, Buck’s Tire Service, U-Haul of Greenfield, and Sitterles Insurance Agency.  We’d like to also thank WVNU, the Times Gazette, and Highland County Press for all the media coverage they provided Spark.

We want to thank everyone who showed up and helped make this event possible and in doing so showed their appreciation for all Spark is doing in the community.

We’ve already began talking about next year and how Roots #4 can be made even better and we’re open for any suggestions.


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RB Stone had been here and left. But he left a wonderful impression on those who were present for his performance, added to his fan base, and has assured himself an invite to return to Greenfield.

Several months ago Spark pondered the question, “Will people leave their homes for some entertainment on a weeknight?” So we invited Jerry Gillespie to spent a couple of hours performing and singing acoustic music from the 70s and 80s. Sometime later we invited a bunch of local musicians to perform an evening of Hank Williams Senior’s music. Each time the audience grew larger and on each occasion the audience departed wanting more. With last night’s visit with RB Stone Spark became convinced there is an audience for Thursday night entertainment.

People began showing up around 7 pm, several ordered food from Three Spoons Diner, maybe half brought a little wine or beer to enjoy, a few, myself included, who forgot it was a BYOB affair, walked over to Catch 22 Sports Pub and brought back a few.

The music began at 7:30 pm and was supposed to end at 9:30 pm.  Both RB and the crowd were having so much fun the plug didn’t get pulled until after 10:00.  When it was over most didn’t run for the door. They mulled around visiting with friends and rubbing shoulders with the star of the evening, RB Stone.

We don’t know what our next Thursday evening event will be but rest assured, there will be another. We plan on doing these events every other month and we hope to see you at the next one.


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Roots in the Field – Initial Plans

Roots in the Field Poster 2015Remember Spark’s Roots in the Field Musicfest from 2014? How about 2015? Well, it’s now 2016 and we’re deep into the planning for our third annual Greenfield music festival. Here’s what we can tell you so far; it’s going to be at the VFW Ranch (rain or shine), we’re going to have five acts instead of three, there’s going to be a great selection of brews, and we’re still working on the food but it will be fantastic. The bands so far include:

Eddie Free and his band Cactus
The One Damns with Jany & Angie Jay Wile
Johnny the Fox Band from Chillicothe
Taking Back Summer (formerly Rock ‘n Country)

More details as they evolve but mark your calendar for Saturday, April 16, 2016 and plan to join the fun.


Rb Stone is a force in about any genre of popular music you can name. He’s at home with blues, rock, country, roots, Americana, and more. Stone is internationally known and has written songs and performed with acts like The Marshall Tucker Band, The Charlie Daniel’s Band, and the jazz group, Hiroshima.

rb stone a
RB on stage at the Hard Rock Cafe.

I met Rb several years ago at a cigar box guitar festival and had the pleasure of having him perform a number on one of my cigar box instruments. Over time we’ve remained in contact and if not for a polar vortex swishing down from the Arctic, he would have performed at Spark last February.

rbstone poster
Photo from the cover of June 2015 Blues Blast Magazine. RB is playing a Capt. Ron Lowebow cigar box guitar.

Well, he’s going to be back in the area and has agreed to do an evening of his music at Spark Creative Artspace on Thursday, February 11 from 7:30 till 9:30 pm. This will be a free event but since we need to fill up his gas tank your donations would be appreciated.

There will be no reservations so it will be first come first seated. It will also be a BYOB event and as such, Spark cannot assist in any way with the consumption of adult beverages. We have made arrangements with Three Spoons Diner to deliver their full menu offerings if you didn’t have time for supper or would like a snack during the performance.

Hope to see a room packed with lovers of music so tell your friends and family and come join another great evening at Spark.

Hank Would Have Done it This Away!

For some time now we at Spark have wondered if we offered an evening of entertainment during the week would people come out? Well last night we proved they will.

hank williams srWith the help of a number of local artist-musicians Spark hosted An Evening with Hank Williams, Sr. and it was a huge success. The room was filled with great classic country music, smiling musicians, and fifty or more smiling faces in the crowd.

The event was free but the majority of those in attendance left behind generous donations that helped cover the cost of a room full of new folding tables Spark had purchased just the day before.

We’re so encouraged by the response that one Spark member stated, “We should do this every month.” In reality that would tax our energies but every other month is certainly within our means.

Last night’s entertainment were chomping at the bit to return for another such event and an Elvis Presley tribute artist offered to do and evening of Presley music in the near future. If any of you have any ideas or suggestions for such events please don’t hesitate to let us know. Your input is always welcome.

A special thanks to those who performed last night’s show.

  • Lanny Bryant – vocals
  • Bobbie Mottie Barr – vocals
  • Bill Powell – steel guitar
  • Josh Sexton – guitar and vocals
  • Buck White – guitar
  • Adam Johnson – guitar and vocals
  • Jason Cokenhour – fiddle and banjo
  • Larry Belar – guitar

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A FREE Evening with Hank Williams, Sr.

hank williams srSome time ago several Spark members were doing a guitar jam when one of them less than seriously suggested we should put on a show. To our surprise another (ala Mickey Rooney) said, “Yeah, let’s put on a show!” After a little discussion it was decided we’d do this and that since country music is so popular we should do an event featuring the art of country music. Next thought was to celebrate the music of who many believe to be the King of Country, Hank Williams, Sr.

So here we are, Spark put out the word to area singers, pickers, and grinners and we’re havin’ us a show, An Evening with Hank Williams, Sr. An evening enjoying two dozen, or so, of the legend’s greatest hits. We’re still working on who’s doing what but MHS graduate Bobbie Mottie has laid claim to Your Cheatin’ Heart and has promised to reprise her high school rendition of Patsy Cline’s Crazy (Yeah, I know it ain’t Hank but Hank would have done it this away) and Buck White and Ty Lawell have burnt their brand on Hank’s Lost Highway.

The event will take place on Thursday, June 11th at Spark’s studios at 251 Jefferson St. in Greenfield, OH. Because of limited seating and fire safety restrictions the audience will be limited to sixty. Free tickets (donations encouraged) are available on Eventbrite and are limited to two each per order. Any remaining seats will be available at the door.

As required by Ohio law this will be a smoke free environment but given this is a celebration of Hank we think it’s appropriate for you to be permitted the enjoyment of your favorite adult beverage. So, feel free to bring your own (BYOB). A selection of non-alcoholic beverages and snacks will be available for sale.

To reserve your FREE (donations encouraged) seats click HERE to visit the Eventbrite Event Page.

Roots is Firmly Rooted

The 2015 issue of Roots in the Field Music Fest was a huge success and much of that resulting from the mistakes made and lessons learned from our first attempt in 2014.

Sawyer Man's FansWe began the festivities earlier, tripled the number of bands, two with local connections, received major financial backing from a number of local business and organizations, partnered up with a fellow non-profit, Sawyer Man’s Fans, who handled all the beverage offerings, and brought in Craig and Ian’s Smoke Meats to keep everyone’s bellies happy and hummin’.

Spark did a better job of getting the word out. Relying heavily on the power of social media we had people present from as far away as Circleville, Columbus and Middletown.

Spark thanks all of you who assisted in any manner and even more the several hundred who showed their support by simply taking time from their busy lives to come enjoy what we offered, the art of music in our backyard.

A special recognition must be given to the organizations and businesses who so generously helped cover out entertainment expenses. Thank you so much to:

Greenfield Products, Greenfield Research, Buck’s Tires, Sitterle Insurance, Merchant’s National Bank, Greenfield U-Haul dealership, Edgewood Manor and the Visitor Bureau of Highland County. A special thanks also goes out to the Beatty Farms for use of their hay wagons.

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