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Spark’s Piano Gets All Dressed Up

A couple of years ago,  when Spark moved into its current home,  it put out the call for a piano. Elaine Williams came to the rescue with an upright piano that turned out to be broken beyond repair.

spark's piano
L-R: Tati Weaks, Elaine Williams, Mike Chapman, Jennie Wenker, David Weaks.

A working piano was found and the question became what to do with the broken one. A couple of the members gutted it and re-purposed many of the parts for other creations. Until saner heads prevailed many of us thought it would make a perfect sign hanging above our front entrance. Finally realizing it was still to heavy for that and none of us was an engineer that idea was abandoned.

The answer came the Friday of the annual festival when the piano was sprayed with a coat of beige paint and the next day wheeled up to Spark’s booth space. A variety of acrylic paint colors and brushes were provided and passing children were invited to play a part in making art.

The end product was fantastic and the piano will now be mounted on casters and wheeled out onto the sidewalk as our official “OPEN” sign for Spark activities.

Here's the piano before and the mother of the young girl said this was her daughter's favorite part of the festival. Spark just got a big "attaboy!"
Here’s the piano before and the mother of the young girl said this was her daughter’s favorite part of the festival. Spark just got a big “attaboy!”


scrapbookingSpark’s Stacy Downey loves to scrapbook and she is inviting all to attend her first scrapbooking at Spark Creative Artspace’s studios, 251 Jefferson Street, Greenfield.

Scheduled for Saturday, March 12th the event will begin at 2:00 pm and run to 7:00 pm, or till you drop! Cost$20.00 per person, payable at the door in cash or check, and will include snacks and drinks provided courtesy of Spark volunteers.


Bring your extra paper and embellishments to trade and exchange with each other.

No experience necessary! Just pictures, papers, and a desire to save and treasure your memories!

If you plan to attend please submit the following form so Spark will have some idea of what to plan for.


Creating Family Heirlooms

On Saturday, October 31st Jayne Honnold held another of her sewing and quilting workshops at Spark Creative Artspace. The accompanying photo tells the story. A young girl holding her first self-made quilt, something that may become her passion in life or a creation that a may become a family’s heirloom. Something that future grandchildren may wrap up in and think about the love their grandmother left for them.

first quilt

Spark Decorates for Memorial Day

On Monday, May 27, 2015 Spark put out the call for bikers, trikers, and strollers of all ages to come decorate their vehicles in red, white and blue and join together riding in the annual Memorial Day Parade. Susan Thompson graciously donated all the materials and twenty young riders heeded the call and helped celebrate the memory of our nation’s veterans.


Kid’s Memorial Day Bike Decorating & Parade Entry

bicycle decorationsHey kids! Memorial Day is Monday, May 25 and SPARK Creative Artspace ​is sponsoring a bicycle decoration entry in the annual parade for children of all ages. Just bring your bikes, trikes, and scooters to the Greenfield School Colonnades at 9 am and we’ll provide you with all the red, white, and blue materials you’ll need to make favorite ride stand out and be proud for America. Susan Caplinger Thompson is donating the supplies and Spark members will ride their decorated bicycle along with you in the parade.