Spark’s Mission


SPARK-logo 200x202To create a magnetic arts space in the heart of Greenfield that brings together creativity, collaboration, and a strong sense of community, within Appalachian Ohio. To foster more beautiful and diverse ways of understanding through non-linear, out-of-the-box, open-ended thinking. To create arts experiences, which are quirky, fun, surprising, inclusive, collaborative, affirming and magical! We believe the creative and performing arts are fundamental to understanding our human experience within the world. SPARK! Creative Artspace will offer fine arts classes, artisan workshops, gallery openings and artists’ talks, music lessons, impromptu jams, recitals and live performances, theater camps, poetry slams, writers’ guilds, film screenings, and collaborative multi-disciplinary arts events to our regional Appalachian community.


To spark creativity, community, and reinvestment in Appalachian Ohio by becoming a cultural magnet that attracts creative and performing arts and artists into the region, into a shared and supportive creative arts space that fosters growth and education through collaboration, experimentation, creative mash-ups within the arts and in seeking novel multidisciplinary connections explored through the lens of the arts.

To spark community To develop and nurture a vibrant arts community, foster artistic collaboration, and bring people together for powerful, shared experiences that inspire a creative exchange of ideas and a deeper sense of community.

To spark reinvestment To foster an environment that attracts, cultivates, and retains our creative, curious, open-minded thinkers. A strong creative sector is critical to regional Appalachian revitalization in attracting businesses, creative and green industries, and in restoring optimism and livability for the communities within the Appalachian region of Ohio.


The arts touch people’s lives in profound ways: in a deeper understanding of themselves, their connection to and compassion for local and world communities and diverse cultures, and in their understanding of their own creative potential. The arts provide these qualities to the greater public for the social and economic benefits that the shared arts experience provides. SPARK! Creative Artspace’s belief in these sustaining principles manifests in the following forms:

  • Providing quality, diverse opportunities for shared artistic experiences for all, inspiring participation in the creation, understanding, and appreciation of the arts.
  • Fostering artistic development of established, emerging, and aspiring regional, national, and international artists.
  • Collaborating with artists and arts organizations, community partners, and businesses in pursuit of mutual goals and richer cultural experiences.
  • Appreciating the value of our audiences, the talent of our artists, the generosity of our funders, the dedication of our staff, board, and volunteers, and the integrity of our communities.
  • Creating a dynamic creative arts learning organization.
    Responding to demographic shifts within our Contemporary Appalachian community.
  • Preserving our historic facilities within an environmentally responsible framework whenever possible.
  • Maintaining prudent financial planning and management to secure future viability and sustainability.

To carry forth our mission and goals Spark Creative Artspace needs the support of the public. It is a 501 (3)(C) non-profit and all contributions are totally tax-deductible. Please send your contributions to:

Spark Creative Artspace, PO Box 325, Greenfield, OH 45123

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