Contact SPARK!

Spark Creative Artspace is located at:

251 Jefferson St., Greenfield, OH 45123

Spark Creative Artspace may be contacted by mail at:

Spark Creative Artspace, PO Box 325, Greenfield, OH 45123

You may also email SPARK!


4 thoughts on “Contact SPARK!”

  1. I would like to sign up my granddaughter for Saturday’s event. How do I do this since I think is too late to use snail mail? My name is Jan Slagle. My phone is 937-981-0210.

  2. Is it too late to get into Saturdays event? Please let me know and if so I hope you will do something for the kids again! Thanks Tasha Smithson (937) 509-1470

    1. Sorry but not this summer. We’re still working on getting better organized and moving into a permanent home. We do plan children’s activities this fall and winter and hopefully will be able to offer a camp next summer. Thank you for your interest.

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