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St. Paddy’s Day with Spark & Three Spoons Diner

Like last year Spark is teaming up with Three Spoons Diner for a Saint Patrick’s Day fundraiser dinner. Three Spoons will offer their entire regular menu but also a special menu of Irish favorites.

  • Where: Three Spoons Diner
  • When: Thursday, March 17th, 4-8 pm
  • Why: Because it will taste good and be fun

This will be a bring your own bottle (BYOB) event but you’ll have to also bring along whatever you require to enjoy your beverage.

Spark host will be present to welcome and seat you, everyone will receive a St. Paddy’s Day gift, and the opportunity to participate in a 50/50 drawing..



The special menu will be served from 4:00 pm until 8:00 pm.

Sparkly Gems We’re Working On


*Spark member Susan Long reported that she currently has twenty-five piano students taking lessons at Spark’s studios. Susan plans to retire from Southern State this winter and may be in the position to take on a few more students.

SPARK-logo 200x202*We’re working on bringing back guitar lessons, another session of knitting lessons, and more sessions about the art of quilting and sewing.

*Cindi Pearce’s Yoga Sessions on Monday mornings are in full swing and open to the public. Just show up in stretchy garb at 11 am. The Wednesday evening sessions will begin shortly.

*Spark has scheduled a cookies and canvas event for Sunday afternoon, September 20. Details are still being worked out.

*A wine and canvas for adults has been scheduled for Saturday evening, September 19. Details will be coming shortly.

*We are in the process of planning a series of artistic activities for preschool children, ages three to five. Look for future information.

*In October Spark is going to be staging a series of classes in American Sign Language. We have a list of people who’ve show interest in attending and if you’d like to be kept in touch with about this, please post a comment below.

*The Evening with Hank Williams was such a success we’re working on another Thursday evening event for down the road. Fred “Elvis” Wheaton has offered to do a little of his tribute show and we are thinking of that and filling out the evening with a little Outlaw Country performed by local musicians.

All these things require time, effort, and money. But just as important they require an audience of interested people. This whole Spark thing is about making life in our area more vibrant and interesting. That takes public participation. That takes you!

Please give us your ideas about what you’d like to see us working on. Making suggestions is another vital part of helping us fulfill our mission.

Yarnabomber Strikes Again, Mystery Deepens!

For the third time in a year Spark Creative Artspace has been victimized by a nefarious group of domesticated yarn terrorists.  At the beginning of the winter the flowering plum-tree in front of Spark was suddenly adorned in knitted neck scarves, mittens, nose warmers, etc. They left behind a note identifying themselves as the Yarnabombers and we haven’t a clue of their identity.

This spring the same tree had been stripped of its winter clothing and was suddenly decorated with knitted flowers and signs of spring.

On July 4, 2015 the flowers disappeared and in their place was a Schwinn bicycle totally trimmed out in red, white, and blue knitted materials. It was chained to a light pole with an identifying note. A second note was put in our mail slot and it contained the combination to the chain’s lock.

I don’t think we at Spark ever want to know who these kindnesses come from. We just enjoy them and hope they never end. Thank you Yarnabombers, wherever you are!


Spark’s Paint for Paws

Spark’s paint and canvas events have become very popular and people continue to ask when we are having another. Well, the next such event will be held in Washington Court House on Thursday, August 14 for the benefit of the Fayette Humane Society. Seats are limited to 60 and the cost is $45 a person. Complete details and a registration form can be had by clicking on the thumbnail flier below. Your attendance is sure to bring you joy and you’ll feel even better knowing you’re supporting two great causes.

paint for paws flier
CLICK to enlarge!

Spark Membership Drive

Earlier this month Spark Creative Artspace began a community membership drive to help raise needed funds to secure a permanent home. Annual memberships are $10 per person and along with knowing you’re supporting a worthwhile educational resource you’re going to receive an invite to a special “member appreciation” event once we’re in our new location. s

Memberships can be obtained by mailing a check to:

Spark Creative Artspace, PO Box 325, Greenfield, OH 45123

Spark membership cards (2)