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One of the most successful events Spark Creative Artspace held in 2015 was our first effort at an art related event connected with the Super Bowl. We had a local potter make us a raft of one of a kind thrown stoneware soup bowls which we sold for $15 each. With the assistance and support of Three Spoons Diner, participants could then eat all the homemade soups, along with a delicious corn bread, they wished.

This year’s potter is Margaret Gingerich, the niece of Norman Gingerich, from Nelsonville. Margaret is a graduate of OU’s school of art and has been a studio potter for sixteen years. We hope to have her present with a display of her creations.

We wanted to do this on Super Bowl Sunday but for decades that’s been the turf of the Mother’s Club and their annual sub sandwich sale. So, we chose the Sunday before the game and created a pre-game party a week earlier.

Please come join us on Sunday, January 31 from 11:30 am until 2:00 pm at our studios located at 251 Jefferson St. in Greenfield. We will have a special price for children under age fifteen, $5. It will not, however, include a ceramic bowl.

This is a great event for the family so please share it with your friends and family. The price will include a hand thrown bowl valued at $15 or more, unlimited soups, cornbread, selection of beverages and a dessert.

Tickets available at the door with cash, check, or credit card.


Spark & 3 Spoons Souper Bowl Warm Up Sunday

In Greenfield, Ohio Super Bowl Sundays belongs to the Mother’s Club and their tradition of serving up Super Bowl Subs for the big game. But just as the big game has it “pre game show” Spark Creative Artspace and Three Spoons Diner is doing the same with a pre game event we’re calling SOUPER BOWL WARM UP SUNDAY on the Sunday before game day.

soup bowls - sparkOn Sunday, January 25th Spark will be serving up homemade soups from Three Spoons Diner (chicken noodle, chili, vegetable, potato), along with cornbread, crackers, coffee and hot and iced tea. The cost will be $15 a person but each patron gets to take home their choice of a hand thrown earthenware ceramic soup bowl from Grandpa’s Pottery in Wilmington. The bowl itself  costs $15 at Grandpa’s studio but at Spark you get both the bowl and a hearty meal for a cold winter day.

We have 100 bowls and will be serving up soup from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm (or until we run out). Payment is at the door and the early bird gets a wider choice of bowl.

Spark Creative Artspace is located at 251 Jefferson St., Greenfield, OH.

Pottery workshops

workshop-clay-startersOne of Spark’s affiliates is the Appalachian Gateway Guild housed in SSCC’s Gateway Center in Fincastle. Part of the facility is a well equipped ceramic arts department and from time to time they offer a series of pottery workshops. Such is the case for this summer and this would be a great way to gain some insight into the art and craft of clay. I have a minor in ceramic arts and can attest to the calming effect of playing in mud and later seeing a thing of beauty emerge from the blast of a kiln.

I’ve also attended one of their sessions and met the resident potters who will lead these workshops. They are highly skilled and deeply engaged in their craft, truly special people.

Whether you create using coils, slabs, or on a potter’s wheel, pottery is like making mud pies or playing in the mud and not having to worry about your mother being upset.

Complete details and contact information can be found by clicking HERE.


Firing pottery in a saggar

Reduction firing is a common process used in the production of stoneware art pottery. Basically the pot is fired in an environment lacking in oxygen which forces the oxygen in the glazes and clay to be consumed. As a result the colors of the clay and glazes take on very unique and random textures, hues, and values.

Raku is a Japanese ceramic technique that originally didn’t employ reduction firing. When introduced into America our potters added reduction techniques to the raku process that significantly altered

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