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Spark’s Piano Gets All Dressed Up

A couple of years ago,  when Spark moved into its current home,  it put out the call for a piano. Elaine Williams came to the rescue with an upright piano that turned out to be broken beyond repair.

spark's piano
L-R: Tati Weaks, Elaine Williams, Mike Chapman, Jennie Wenker, David Weaks.

A working piano was found and the question became what to do with the broken one. A couple of the members gutted it and re-purposed many of the parts for other creations. Until saner heads prevailed many of us thought it would make a perfect sign hanging above our front entrance. Finally realizing it was still to heavy for that and none of us was an engineer that idea was abandoned.

The answer came the Friday of the annual festival when the piano was sprayed with a coat of beige paint and the next day wheeled up to Spark’s booth space. A variety of acrylic paint colors and brushes were provided and passing children were invited to play a part in making art.

The end product was fantastic and the piano will now be mounted on casters and wheeled out onto the sidewalk as our official “OPEN” sign for Spark activities.

Here's the piano before and the mother of the young girl said this was her daughter's favorite part of the festival. Spark just got a big "attaboy!"
Here’s the piano before and the mother of the young girl said this was her daughter’s favorite part of the festival. Spark just got a big “attaboy!”


On February 20th, 2016 Spark’s Tom Schluep and Molly Jordan held their first American Sign Language class for children. Language plays a major part of a child developing their communication skills and exposure to any language is invaluable.

The kids who attended this class quickly became engrossed in the learning of a new language. They left Spark with armed with something they hadn’t arrived with and most clamored for more.

We’re sure Tom and Molly will be fertilizing the seeds they planted today so stay tuned for news of another such class.


With the help of Sitterle Insurance Agency and McDonald’s of Greenfield the first annual Spark Creative Artspace Christmas Open Studio and Children’s Christmas Decorations Craft Workshop went wonderfully. Our doors were open for four hours and we saw a steady stream of kids and their parents join us for the many activities. Spark had five project stations setup with the necessary materials at each to creative an individualized tree ornament. Not only did the children make things to take home for their own tree they also made ornaments to help decorate Spark’s Christmas tree.

We want to thank all who took part and a special thanks to Sofia Burgess, Nate Cockerill and Tonya Roberts who worked side by side with the kids.

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ghouls 2015 aHere’s a nice gallery of photos from Spark’s first Halloween children’s art event, Ghouls in the Gallery. Fun was had, creativity exercised, memories made, and homemade doughnuts and fresh cider enjoyed. Thanks to all the parents who think are is an important experience for their children. And thank you also for supporting Spark Creative Artspace.

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Spark’s Autumn Preschool was Great!

On Saturday, October 10, 2015 Spark started a new program specifically for preschool aged children. Debbie Baal, Debbie Beatty, Melanie Salyers, Rhonda Sponcil, and Janet Chapman volunteered their years of experience to put on an autumn themed program for a limited number of children ages three through five. The ladies put together a nice variety of appropriate activities and the children seemed to be having a blast. This is the first of four such sessions, each dealing with a different season of the year. Hope to see you and your child this coming winter.

The event was made possible by donations from Corner Health Mart Pharmacy, 259 Jefferson St, Greenfield, OH and Karnes Orchard, 8200 Worley Mill Rd., Hillsboro, OH.  We thank them for their strong support of Spark Creative Artspace.


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Spark’s First Preschool Activity

preschool abcFor sometime now Spark has been wanting to do something for younger preschool children. Beginning on Saturday, October 10, we will be hosting a preschool program for children ages 3-5 beginning at 9:30 am. Melanie Salyers, along with retired kindergarten teachers, Debbie Beatty, Rhonda Sponcil, Debbie Baal, and Janet Chapman will conduct a one-hour program including a wide variety of educational activities for preschoolers based on an autumn theme.

Eric Zint of Corner Health Mart Pharmacy is helping provide supplies and the ladies are donating their time. Others helping out include Karnes Orchard and Weaver’s Produce. The event is free but if you’re able Spark would appreciate a donation to help offset its monthly expenses.

Each child must  be accompanied and assisted by a parent and no siblings are permitted unless they are within the age range and are also accompanied by a second adult.

The event will include a wide variety of short learning experiences appropriate for the age and attention spans. Also included will be a selection of healthy snacks.

The plan is for one of these preschool sessions to be held every four months with a seasonal theme.

Registration will be online using Eventbrite. You can reserve one ticket and if you wish, leave a donation with a major credit card.

Click button to register and pay with credit card.
Click button to register and pay with credit card.

Ghouls in the Gallery this Halloween

Purple-black cat
Student’s alternative to orange background.

On Sunday,October 25 Spark is holding its first themed Halloween Party canvas art event for school age children, grades 1-8. The event will take place at Spark’s gallery/studio at 251 Jefferson St. in Greenfield from 2-4 pm.

Wear your favorite Halloween costume and join in the fun of enjoying each other’s company while you paint a stretched canvas painting of an awesome black cat staring at the full-moon. The $25 admission fee will include a stretched artist canvas, acrylic paints, used of Sparks painting equipment, and professional instruction and assistance. We’ll also award a prize for the most creative Halloween costume.

For a snack we plan on serving glasses of Karnes Orchards locally made fresh apple cider along with some of the best locally homemade glazed doughnuts to be found. Cider and doughnuts are, for many, a traditional Halloween treat.

Reservations may be made two ways:

  1. At the door with cash or check but you have to notify us of your intent and number of tickets desired by submitting the Contact Form below.


2. Online using a major credit card at EVENTBRITE.

Click button to register and pay with credit card.
Click button to register and pay with credit card.