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Spark’s Piano Gets All Dressed Up

A couple of years ago,  when Spark moved into its current home,  it put out the call for a piano. Elaine Williams came to the rescue with an upright piano that turned out to be broken beyond repair.

spark's piano
L-R: Tati Weaks, Elaine Williams, Mike Chapman, Jennie Wenker, David Weaks.

A working piano was found and the question became what to do with the broken one. A couple of the members gutted it and re-purposed many of the parts for other creations. Until saner heads prevailed many of us thought it would make a perfect sign hanging above our front entrance. Finally realizing it was still to heavy for that and none of us was an engineer that idea was abandoned.

The answer came the Friday of the annual festival when the piano was sprayed with a coat of beige paint and the next day wheeled up to Spark’s booth space. A variety of acrylic paint colors and brushes were provided and passing children were invited to play a part in making art.

The end product was fantastic and the piano will now be mounted on casters and wheeled out onto the sidewalk as our official “OPEN” sign for Spark activities.

Here's the piano before and the mother of the young girl said this was her daughter's favorite part of the festival. Spark just got a big "attaboy!"
Here’s the piano before and the mother of the young girl said this was her daughter’s favorite part of the festival. Spark just got a big “attaboy!”

Spark’s “Pat” of Very Pink Flamingos

Each year since our inception Spark has had a creative entry in the annual Greene Countrie Towne Festival parade. The first was a Do Da entry composed of all kinds of characters created by young children. Last year was a large Chinese dragon winding its way through the crowd and this year, a pat of ten over the top pink flamingos. The costumes were mostly the creation of Stacy Downey with assistance from Elaine Williams and others.

Spark’s Flamingo Pat on Parade

Spark’s Flamingo Pat

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American Sign Language (ASL) for Adults

Certified instructor, Tom Schluep
Certified instructor, Tom Schluep

Tom Schluep and Molly Jordan will be offering another class in the basics of American Sign Language for adults at 1:00 pm, Saturday, June 25th at Spark Creative Artspace, 251 Jefferson St., Greenfield.

The class will last about two hours and cost $25.

While pre registration is not necessary Spark would like to have some idea of the demand. So, would you please fill out and submit the following contact form? 


Make a Faerie Door at Spark!

Do you believe in Faeries? Would you like to make a door for the wee folk? SPARK! Creative Artspace would like to invite you to join us to create your own Faerie Door. Join us at 9:00 am on Saturday, June 25 at the SPARK! Studio to craft your own! Total cost is $15 ($10 for Spark and $5 for materials).

The faerie workshop will be led by Spark’s master faeries, Eric and Stacey who will provide a wide assortment of materials with which create and customize your own special door to permit the wee folk to enter your home or place of business.

Your creation can be placed wherever you choose, along a baseboard, beside your main entrance, a part of your front door, at the base of a tree, as part of your garden landscape, or wherever you think your faeries would like.

The Faerie Workshop is open to adults and children but young children will require the presence of an adult.

While pre registration is not necessary Spark would appreciate having some idea of the demand. So, if you don’t mind, please fill out and submit the following contact form: 


Spark’s Memorial Day Parade Ride

spark paradeMemorial Day this year is Monday, May 30 and once again Spark will help the kids and adults of the area honor the day with a patriotic display of decorated bicycles, tricycles, skate boards, roller skates, buggy, carriages, strollers, walkers or any other sort of conveyance.

Bring your machines to the 5th Street school colonnades around 9 am Monday morning and Spark will provide you with red, white & blue streamers, balloons, flags and other patriotic bling to spiff up your ride for the parade. Adults are encouraged to help kids get their bikes parade ready.

The parade should begin at approximately 10:00 am and will wind up at the Greenfield Cemetery.