Make a Faerie Door at Spark!

Do you believe in Faeries? Would you like to make a door for the wee folk? SPARK! Creative Artspace would like to invite you to join us to create your own Faerie Door. Join us at 9:00 am on Saturday, June 25 at the SPARK! Studio to craft your own! Total cost is $15 ($10 for Spark and $5 for materials).

The faerie workshop will be led by Spark’s master faeries, Eric and Stacey who will provide a wide assortment of materials with which create and customize your own special door to permit the wee folk to enter your home or place of business.

Your creation can be placed wherever you choose, along a baseboard, beside your main entrance, a part of your front door, at the base of a tree, as part of your garden landscape, or wherever you think your faeries would like.

The Faerie Workshop is open to adults and children but young children will require the presence of an adult.

While pre registration is not necessary Spark would appreciate having some idea of the demand. So, if you don’t mind, please fill out and submit the following contact form: 


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