Sparkly Gems We’re Working On


*Spark member Susan Long reported that she currently has twenty-five piano students taking lessons at Spark’s studios. Susan plans to retire from Southern State this winter and may be in the position to take on a few more students.

SPARK-logo 200x202*We’re working on bringing back guitar lessons, another session of knitting lessons, and more sessions about the art of quilting and sewing.

*Cindi Pearce’s Yoga Sessions on Monday mornings are in full swing and open to the public. Just show up in stretchy garb at 11 am. The Wednesday evening sessions will begin shortly.

*Spark has scheduled a cookies and canvas event for Sunday afternoon, September 20. Details are still being worked out.

*A wine and canvas for adults has been scheduled for Saturday evening, September 19. Details will be coming shortly.

*We are in the process of planning a series of artistic activities for preschool children, ages three to five. Look for future information.

*In October Spark is going to be staging a series of classes in American Sign Language. We have a list of people who’ve show interest in attending and if you’d like to be kept in touch with about this, please post a comment below.

*The Evening with Hank Williams was such a success we’re working on another Thursday evening event for down the road. Fred “Elvis” Wheaton has offered to do a little of his tribute show and we are thinking of that and filling out the evening with a little Outlaw Country performed by local musicians.

All these things require time, effort, and money. But just as important they require an audience of interested people. This whole Spark thing is about making life in our area more vibrant and interesting. That takes public participation. That takes you!

Please give us your ideas about what you’d like to see us working on. Making suggestions is another vital part of helping us fulfill our mission.


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