Follow up on silo-cow lighting

On Wednesday, May 7, 2014 a very impromptu Art as Light show took place at Springhill Organic Dairy outside New Petersburg, Ohio. The artist who collaborated with Spark on this occasion were Katy Tompkins and Zachary Gillerlain who together are known as, The Happy Couple Duo. They are currently touring the country putting on lighting demonstrations and trying to earn enough with their Kickstarter project to set up shop in Colorado.

At Springhill they set up atop a huge  mound of sawdust and placed their equipment around the barn’s silo. As dusk turned to dark a crowd of around 70 art fans witnessed the silo take on an unworldly aura. I kept reflecting back on scenes atop Devil’s Tower in the movie Close Encounters of a Third Kind as the alien ship sat down.  I haven’t a clue what others saw but the common element was the ooohs and aaahs people uttered as the lighting effects changed. As the evening evolved the effects became more colorful and dynamic. I kept thinking what a nice touch it would have been it the ever-changing colors coincided with the music of John Williams’ composition from Close Encounters.  Both Katy and Zach are accomplished musicians so I can see that happening in the future.

Spark wants to thank all who attended on such short notice and a special thanks to the Amish neighbors who so generously provided hot coffee and wonderful homemade glazed yeast donuts warm and fresh from the fryer.

I’ll post a couple of photos but if you want to see a number of professional photos and videos, along with the lighting of a small herd of dairy cows, you’ll need to make a small (or large) donation to the artist’s Kickstarter fund. It is managed by Amazon and you can use your credit card to make as little as a dollar donation. You will then be notified when the edited video and photography becomes available for online viewing. In doing so you get to witness the glory of that evening and help feed a couple of starving artist in the deal.

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